Would you like a customized training plan for you and your dog to help improve behaviours such as reactivity, speration anxiety, proper leash walking, how to stay calm when guests arrive and more?

One on one private training can help you and your dog reach your training goals!


Basic Manners Package 

3 hours of private training to work on basic obedience and manners such as: proper leash walking, sit, down, stays, recall,  no jumping, stop counter surfing,  address barking issues and more.

Expires in 6 months from time of purchase 

Top Dog Training Package 

5 hours of private training, everything included in our basic manners package + options of teaching 'place command', boundary training (inside the house and outside), target training, proofing with distractions when it comes to recall and/or stays, public outing training + addressing an specific behavioural issues (dog reactivity, resource guarding etc.)

Suitable for owners interested in e-collar training, (can purchase mini educator collar though us)

Expires in 12 months from time of purchase