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  • What does a typical daycare day look like?
    During our structured daycare days our dogs are on a play -> rest -> play -> rest rotation throughout the day. Dogs have a 1 hour window during their play rotation, during their rest period we crate our dogs in high quality low anxiety kennels. Throughout the day dogs are crated between 1-2 hours at a time. Optional add-ons can also be booked to give your dog more physical and/or mental stimulation. Rules we reinforce throughout the day include: sit, wait at doors, no barking, no jumping, impulse control.
  • Will my dog get access to outside?
    During your dog's play time we have a minimum of 2 x 10min outside potty breaks, one at the beginning of the playtime and one before their nap time. On nice weather days we pull open our garage doors and your dog gets to have access to both inside and outside for the full hour.
  • How are dog's grouped?
    Our dogs are grouped by size and temperament, we have 2 groups on opposite rotation schedule, so while one group is playing the other is napping and vice versa. Our maximum number of dogs in a group is 15.
  • What is the dog to staff ratio?
    Our staff to dog ratio is commonly 12:1 with a maximum of 15:1
  • How much space does my dog get while playing?
    Our facility offers 2 potty yards (1 covered for bad weather) and a large indoor playroom. Your dog will have an average of 80-120sq ft per dog. We prioritize your dogs comfort to ensure their is no overcrowding in our daycare, this allows dog to make better social decisions and staff can advocate for your dog.
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