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Meet the Team

The team at Taylor'ed Canines is passionate about dogs and committed to providing them with the highest quality care.  Meet our team below!

Taylor Mariani

Introducing Taylor: CEO, Founder, and Head Trainer of Taylor'ed Canines.

The passionate leader behind the exceptional dog training services of Taylor'ed Canines. With 12 years of professional experience in training dogs, Taylor is dedicated to building better relationships between pets and their owners. Taylor's love for dog training began when she was a child, and it eventually grew into a business  which allowed her to pursue her passion full-time. This is when, she founded Taylor'ed Canines.

Taylor owns a 10 year old Shiloh Shepherd named Kipp,  and a 5 year old  Shiloh named Bane. (click here to lean more about her dogs)

Taylor's Passion for Horses and Learning New Skills

Apart from her professional work, Taylor has an extraordinary passion for horses. For more than ten years, she has owned and showcased reining horses, earning numerous accolades in Ontario. Her accomplishments include achieving top honors on more than a dozen occasions and coming in third place in the world in 2008. When Taylor is not bonding with her dogs or spending time on the family farm, she enjoys picking up new skills like archery, business development, canine nutrition and more.


Bachelors of Science Degree
University of Guelph

NePoPo Gold Multiplicator
Certified by Bart and Michael Bellon

Cynopraxis / LIMA Certification

IACP - Steven Lindsay

Dog Training Certification

Animal Behavior College

DMWYD Trick Instructor and Canine Conditioning instructor

Taylor has  learnt from world renowned trainers such as

  • Bart and Michael Bellon

  • Mac Goldberg

  • Monks of New Skete

  • Pat Stuart

  • Jay Jack

  • Jason Vasconi

  • Heather Beck

  • Chad Mackin

  • Cameron Ford

  • Michael Nezbeth

  • Steven Lindsay

  • Larry Krohn

  • Joel Silverman



Twilight's Eternal Kipp

Kipp is a 10 year old Shiloh Shepherd, and Taylor's first ever Shiloh. Kipp has made such an impact in Taylor's personal and professional life as he has helped many owners and their dogs with their training goals and been a great teacher and student to Taylor's ever evolving training journey.


  • Therapy dog certification

  • CGN certification

  • CRN, CRA and CRX, CWR1 - Rally Obedience

  • CL-1R, CL-1H, CL-1F,  CSL2-R, CSL2-H, CSL2-S, CSL2-F, CSL3-R, CSL4-R - Agility

  • SD-S - SDDA scent

  • RATI, RATN - Barn Hunt

  • 2x HIC Barn Hunt Novice 

  • R-FE/NS

  • NTD, ITD, ATD, ETD - Trick Dog

  • NS - Sprinter

  • SR1- GRC

  • NI NE NC -UKC nosework



JnL's Bane of Glory

Bane is a 5 year old Shiloh Shepherd, after falling in love with Shiloh shepherds Taylor got her second one. Bane is loved by everyone who knows him, his incredible stable and social temperament have made him an excellent social role model for many daycare dogs.

Bane has earned:

  • RATI , RATN - Barn Hunt

  • ABI Supreme Champion

  • NTD, ITD - Trick Dog

  • SR1 - GRC

  • CGN

  • NC, NI - UKC nosework

  • CL-1R, CL-1H, CL-1F, CSL2-R - Agility

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