Taylor has completed her 

  • Bachelors of science ( University of Guelph )

  •  Dog training certification (Animal Behaviour College)

  • NePoPo Gold and Silver School  with Bart and Michael Bellon

Taylor has completed:

  •  5 day  Force Free e-collar workshop hosted by the respected  Monks of New Skete and Marc Goldberg.

  • Jay Jack's play as the way seminar.


She has  completed online dog training courses from world renowned trainers such as:

  • Michael Ellis - Focused Heeling

  • Forest Micke - The Heelers Toolbox 1

  • Dr. Ian Dunbar - SIRIUS puppy course                                                       -  GROWL class for reactive dogs

  • Dr. Sophia Yin - Perfect puppy in 7 days                                                 -  hyperactive/reactive dog course

  • Tyler Muto - Loose Leash Walking​                                                     - Reactive Dog

Taylor is a certified:

  • DMWYD Tick Instructor and Canines Conditioning instructor

  • C.L.A.S.S. Instructor and evaluator 

  • CGN evaluator 

  • Animal Behaviour College Mentor

Taylor volunteers for the community by donating her time to the College Royal Dog Show as a trainer (2016 and 2017) as well as a dog show judge (2017). She hosts fundraisers for the Guelph Humane Society and Pet Protect Guelph whenever possible.

She has also earned certificates for completing the following online courses

  • IACP-DTF (Dog Trainer Foundation Exam)

  • Pet first aid and CPR

  • Defensive dog handling skills

  • Pet nutrition

  • Veterinary support assistant 

  • Pet adoption

  • Animal physical therapy​

Taylor is a member if the of APDT (associations of professional dog trainers) as well as IACP (International associations of canine professionals)

Taylor Mariani - Owner and Trainer

Taylor is the head trainer, founder and CEO of Taylor’ed Canines; She has a passion for helping owners and their dogs build a stronger relationship through clear communication based on trust and respect. Although she has been professionally training dogs for 10 years her love for dog training started as a child; she realized as a young teenager she had a talent with dogs when her neighbours, friends and family members were asking for her help with their dogs. This passion blossomed into starting her own dog walking and pet sitting business while worked as a part time trainer under another business. Soon enough her clients were pushing her to go out on her own, this is how Taylor'ed Canines was created.

Taylor owns a 9 year old Shiloh Shepherd named Kipp,  and a 4 year old  Shiloh named Bane.

 Kipp has earned his:

  • Therapy dog certification

  • CGN certification

  • CRN, CRA and CRX, CWR1 rally titles

  • CL-1R, CL-1H, CL-1F agility titles

  • SD-S scent detection title


  • 2x HIC Barn Hunt Novice 

  • R-FE/NS


Taylor also has a love for horses; she has owned and shown reining horses for over 10 years, placing top in Ontario over a dozen times, as well as placing 3rd in the world in 2008. When Taylor is not enjoying time with her dogs or at the family farm she likes to stay physically active by working out at the gym to be able to keep up with the ever increasing physical and mental challenges that dogs can require.

Bane has earned:


  • ABI Supreme Champion

  • NTD, ITD

  • SR1

Enrichment Coaches


Kim Neil

Kim has traveled the world on many adventures in pursuit of her life's passion, at Taylor'ed Canines she found it. Having spent the last five years in the pet industry as a care provider and nutritional consultant, Kim is ready to dedicate her life to dog training. Eager to take pet professional to the next level, she independantly studies canine behavior and training. That makes her role at Taylor'ed Canines so special, it will be as enriching for her as it will be for your dog too.

Sydney Teasdale