Do you have a puppy between

10 weeks and 6 months?

You may be interested in our




Private training is a great option for dogs who need one on one attention, these classes are ideal for dogs with behavioural issues such as aggression, reactivity, fear, who are extremely distracted or who need to work on specific commands such as stay, come, walking politely on leash and more. These training sessions are a completely customized curriculum so you can get the most out of every session.

Here at Taylor'ed Canines, we offer different levels of group obedience classes specific to your dogs age and education level from

Puppy -> Advanced. These group classes are a great way for you and your dog to learn the basic and advanced commands on and off leash. The overall focus of these classes is to get your dog to perform consistently under real life distractions.







We offer a our variety of sport and speciality classes that are great to mix in with your dogs obedience training, these classes get your dog physically and mentally stimulated in a fun and exciting environment. Classes in this category include: agility, scent detection, trick training, therapy dog prep classes and more!

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