Here at Taylor'ed Canines, we offer different levels of group obedience classes specific to your dogs age and education level from

Puppy Pre-school -> Advanced.

These group classes are a great way for you and your dog to learn the basic and advanced commands on and off leash. The overall focus of these classes is to get your dog to perform consistently under real life distractions.

Levels Package

A great option for owners looking to start their dog with the basics and end with advanced obedience.

Owners will continue to build reliability and consistency in their training throughout the levels.



  • Level 1 obedience group class
  • Level 2 obedience group class
  • Level 3 obedience group class
Expires 18 months from time of purchase

For puppies between 8 -16 weeks of age

(must have 2nd round of DHPP vaccinations)

This open curriculum  class allows you to start your puppies training sooner.


4 week enrolment with each class lasting between 45-60minutes in duration.

Puppies will be introduced to:

-food luring, body handling skills, name recognition, environmental confidence building, crate games, resource guarding prevention, leash response


discussion topics include:

-potty training, puppy nipping, crate training

This class is for dogs 5 months and older.
Running one hour, once a week for 8 consecutive weeks
This class will have a maximum of 4 dogs per class. We will show you how to teach your dogs the household obedience basics such as sit, stand, down, stay, leave-it, loose leash walking, sit for greeting, and come when called. As well as addressing any behavioural issues that you may be encountering. This class comes with an online orientation Dogs must be updated vaccinations (DHPP and Rabies required).


This class is for dogs who have completed Level 1 (or an equivalent level at another training company). This class will work on obedience despite distractions, continue to work stays that include long distance and duration inside as well as outside, recall with distractions, on your place, heel work, and more. and runs one hour once a week for 8 weeks. Dogs must be updated on vaccinations (DHPP and Rabies required).




This class is for dogs who have completed Level 2. This class will work on stand stays, drop down on recall, wait while heeling, out of sight stays, return to heel, touch command, pivot and perch work plus have an introduction to agility, rally obedience and scent detection sports. This class runs one hour once a week for 8 weeks. Dogs must be updated on vaccinations (DHPP and Rabies required).

$99.00 +tax

$250.00 +tax

$250.00 +tax





These group classes are not your standard style classes. They include a unique curriculums and/or environments to assist you and your dog with even more reliable obedience. These are a great supplement to our standard classes.

$105.00 +tax

$245.00 +tax

$199.99 +tax

$124.99 +tax

$124.99 +tax

$124.99 +tax

This 3 week class is suitable for dogs who have completed a Puppy/Novice or similar Level 1 obedience.
Each week we will meet at a pre-determined area around Guelph to practice gaining consistency and reliability with real life distractions.
This class is not suitable for dog or human reactive dogs. Dogs are required to be up to date on Rabies and DHPP vaccinations.
This class is avalible to dogs who have completed our Intermediate level class ( or a similar level from another training company). In this class both dogs and owners will learn the agility basics such as goundwork, jumps, tunnels, weave poles and more. This class is a great option to encorporate a fun and mentally stimulating way exercise and train your dog. This class run for 1 hour for 6 weeks. Dogs must be up to date on their vaccines and require to bring a copy of their DHPP + Rabies
This class works on the basics from CARO, it encorporates fronts, finishes, heel work, sit, stand, down, stays, and more. This class can prep you for Novice level CARO competition, or for extra obedience work practiced in a new way. Dogs must have completed Intermediate level class (or an equivalent level from another training company). Duration is 1 hour for 6 weeks. Dogs must be up to date on their vaccines and require to bring a copy of their DHPP + Rabies
Get  your dog working their nose!
This 4 week class will work your dog on being able to detect and alter to Wintergreen (scent used for CKC, SDDA and ACK scent work).
Dogs participating in this class should have a basic understanding of obedience and be able to work around other dogs. All dogs must be current on Rabies + DHPP/DAP vaccinations.

In this class owners and their dogs will learn a variety of tricks throughout their 4 week class; tricks such as: spin, sit pretty, rollover, play dead, leg weave, hoola hoop jump, back up, crawl and more. To participate in this class your dogs must know the basic commands taught in the puppy/ novice class (or an equivalent level from another training company) owners should have good control of thier dogs both on and off leash and should have a well socialized dog as some trick will be practiced off leash. This class runs for 1 hour for 4 weeks. Dogs must be up to date on their vaccines and require to bring a copy of their DHPP + Rabies



This 3 week course will prepare you to what is to be from a CGN test or most standard therapy dog test. We will review the criteria and work with you and your dog to learn how to properly demonstrate the desired behaviours


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