Have you completed our initial private training consultation?

"Almost two years ago my dog and I were attacked by a dog who was off leash, no owner in sight. This incident resulted in both myself and my dog being bit. After the incident Paisley began having severe reactivity issues on and off leash when dogs would approach him. We began with one on one at home sessions with Taylor. Not only did she help us with regaining confidence while walking, she helped me learn the tools to overall better our leash walking skills. Since working with her one on one, Paisley and I have been able to complete both her Level 1 & 2 group Obedience classes. Without her help this never would have been an option due to the severity of his dog reactivity. We look forward to moving up in group classes & bettering our partnership both in and out of the classroom setting." - Aimee B.


Getting Started

To better help you and your dog with your training goals a 60 minute consultation with Taylor is required if we have never worked with your dog in a training program before. During this consultation Taylor will sit down and get to know you and your dog as well as discuss which type of training program, and length of program might best suited for you.

Consultations will be held at our facility at 101 Beverley St Guelph ON.

During the consult you are more then welcome to bring your dog and any other household partners.