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Puppy Pre-school

Suitable for dogs under 4 months of age. Getting your puppy started with foundation exercises for better obedience and socialization. Discuss important topics such as puppy nipping, crate training and potty training. Work on marker training, leash skills, body handling, rules of play and more!


Suitable for dogs over 4 months of age. Set up a meet and greet with Taylor to discuss your dog training goals while assessing dog and handlers' current skill set. We will recommend a suitable program and get you started with some training tips.

*LIMITED TIME OFFER*- receive a FREE consultation with the purchase of a training program

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Private training is a great option for dogs who need one on one attention. These classes are ideal for dogs with behavioural issues such as aggression, reactivity, fear, who are extremely distracted or who need to work on specific commands such as stay, come, walking politely on leash and more. These training sessions are a completely customized curriculum so you can get the most out of every session.

Taylor'ed Canines group obedience classes are a great way for you and your dog to learn the basic to advanced commands on and off leash. The overall focus of these classes is to get your dog to perform consistently and prepare them for real life expectations.

Our stay and train program can help you jump start your training journey!

Our unique schedule allows owners to have a hands-on approach in their dog's progress with frequent one on one coaching. Owners can choose between our day training or weekday boarding program. Our overall focus is to help your dog become a more balanced family member through fulfillment, enrichment and structure.

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